Thermal Bedbug Remediation

The manner in which we eliminate bedbugs is called Thermal Bedbug Remediation. This is currently the safest and most effective way to eliminate bedbugs. By using specialized industrial heaters we are able to raise the core temperature of a space to approximately 125 degrees. Bedbugs cannot survive temperatures over 113 degrees for longer than 90 minutes. Their eggs will die within 90 minutes of exposure to temperatures over 118 degrees. Our method is highly effective and requires little effort on behalf of our clients. Eliminating the use of potentially harmful chemicals allows you the peace of mind that your family and pets will not suffer any negative residual effects. The entire process takes approximately 6 hours depending on the size of the space and you will see immediate results.  One time and the bedbugs are gone forever.

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A fast-acting, contact insecticide for use on surfaces that humans frequently touch.

Kills all bedbugs in one day, Non-Toxic, Green and friendly treatment. Fastest and most effective approach.

Two step Green solution that kills bed bugs instantly.