Chemical Spray

We can get rid of bedbugs with a non-repellant chemical that kills bed bugs and their eggs.  By using a chemical spray you are leaving behind a residual that kills bedbugs and bedbug eggs for up to two full weeks.   After two weeks has passed we will come back and reapply the chemicals.   This gives another two weeks of a strong solution that is known to completely get rid of bedbugs.      

Baseboards , room perimeters , furniture, closets and many more areas will be sprayed with highly effective bedbug killing spray that is only available to licensed exterminators.  We have many full warranty packages that states that if you’re not 100% bedbug free  we will return as many times as it take for NO EXTRA CHARGE

Using chemicals allows you to have a chance to kill bedbugs as they move.  Once bedbugs are disrupted they will try to find other hiding spots. If there is a layer of chemical down in the areas they try to move to, they dont have a chance to survive. 

Our expert technicians and our experience in the bedbug industry allows us to offer an extraordinary warranty because our methodology is well proven, fast, effective, and safe for people.   

Ask about our complete guarantee when you call to set an appointment.

A fast-acting, contact insecticide for use on surfaces that humans frequently touch.

Kills all bedbugs in one day, Non-Toxic, Green and friendly treatment. Fastest and most effective approach.

Two step Green solution that kills bed bugs instantly.