Cryonite and Steam

Cryonite machines use freezing cold temperatures to get rid of bedbugs.   Cryonite machines use a patented formula of taking a liquid carbon dioxide into a dry ice solid.  This wintery blast of ice cold snowy air is then pushed through a hose and instantly freezes bedbugs and bedbug eggs.   This is a non toxic way to get rid of bedbugs that is highly effective.  

Cryonite allows us to treat areas that are tricky to get to like cracks and crevices.   The frozen CO2 leaves behind to residue and is a clean fast way to eliminate bedbugs.  Cryonite allows us to treat areas like electrical sockets without having to turn off electricity or disrupt your living space.  

Steam Treatment 

Using high powered steam is a completely non toxic way to eliminate bedbugs.  We use an industrial strength steam machine that reaches temperatures over 400 degrees farenheit.   Bedbugs at any stage of their lifecycle are killed using this industrial strength steamer.   
High powered steam machines work by delivering lethal temperatures to where bedbugs may be hiding.  The steam can permeate into fabric surfaces and also get into areas like cracks and crevices.    Steam machines help treat mattresses, box springs, furniture, baseboards and many other areas.  The good thing about steam is that is has a cleansing effect.  

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A fast-acting, contact insecticide for use on surfaces that humans frequently touch.

Kills all bedbugs in one day, Non-Toxic, Green and friendly treatment. Fastest and most effective approach.

Two step Green solution that kills bed bugs instantly.