Bedbug Facts

Bedbugs are blood sucking parasites (gross right!) They feed off the blood of humans and birds. Adult bedbugs usually appear flat and are roughly the size of an apple seed. After they feed, however, their bodies will swell and appear more reddish in color. These insects can move quickly and are extremely difficult to detect visually. Bed bugs can live and hide for up to a year without feeding.

Bedbugs usually bite their "victim" at night while they are in bed, however they have been known to bite in the daytime as well. These insects are opportunists and can sense an increase in carbon dioxide which occurs when we sleep. This is why most bites occur at night. In addition, from time to time the bugs will select a "host" which means they will continually feed or bite one person even though there may be two people sharing a bed.

Bedbugs are often, and easily transferred from one place to another by simply hiding in clothing, luggage or furniture. They are most often spread unknowingly to residences, offices and public spaces such as museums, theaters or even retail locations!

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